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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 10, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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kids. santa's reindeer are all fine and that's "special report." i'm chris wallace. please join us this weekend for "fox news sunday" where i'll be talking with congressional leaders paul ryan and chris van holland and we'll have a rare interview with supreme court justice steven breyer. thanks for watching and good night from all of us in washington. >> elizabeth smart. kidnapped. subjected to the unthinkable for months. and now, the moment for which she's waited half her life. >> i am so thrilled to stand before the people of america today and give hope to other victims who have not spoken out about what's happened to them. >> shepard: tonight, justice for elizabeth smart. plus president obama goes looking for answers. i'm shepard smith.
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the news starts now. he's facing a divided congress. lower poll numbers, even a revolt within his own party. if only there was somebody who could know what he's going through. aw, yes. time for a talk president to president. the wikileaks cyber army. hackers now gathering strength and they could be planning to hit some major sites and tonight, word of another player in the game of leaking secret info. plus how in the world do you lose data on 100,000 airplanes? the feds managed to do it and now there's talk terrorists could take advantage. tonight, flying below the radar. >> but first from fox this friday night, we're getting our first look now at the bill that would keep all of our taxes from going up at the end of this month. it's based on the compromise president obama made with republicans but along the way, lawmakers have thrown in a few extras.
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the senate is scheduled to hold a key test vote on this 74 page bill on monday. aides from both sides expected to reach the 60 votes necessary to advance the legislation. bill which congressional accountants would cost more than $850 billion would extend all the bush era tax cuts for an additional two years. it would cut social security taxes for a year. it would extend long term jobless benefits for another 13 months. that was all part of the deal between the president and the republicans. on top of that, the bill extends tax provisions designed to promote the use of alternative energy and other seemingly unrelated benefits including some for hollywood movie studios and auto racing stadiums. that last part is apparently designed to win the support of democrats who have expressed great frustration that the president compromised on his campaign pledge that he'd allow tax cuts on the upper income levels to expire. well, today, it was clear that some liberals are mighty upset.
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>> oprah winfrey and santa claus, everybody gets a tax cut. how are we going to pay for it? >> we're going to provide huge tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires. that is insane! and only within the beltway could an agreement like that be negotiated. >> that was the vermont independent senator, bernie sanders. a self-described socialist in a speech in the united states senate. the 70-year-old began speaking at 10:30 morning and didn't stop until about 2 minutes ago. that's 9 1/2 hours to keep his speech going, he remained standing the entire time. wasn't even allowed to eat. an aide to senator sanders says he expects his boss to speak well into the evening. but he just stopped. he stayed mostly on point although he did at one point start reading from a book. not technically a filibuster since sanders had agreed to go ahead with the test vote as
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scheduled on monday but as senator sanders was speaking, president obama worked to win over his own party and he brought in a guy who has been there before. >> there's never a perfect bipartisan bill in the eyes of the partisan. and we all see this differently but i really believe this will be a significant net plus for the country. >> president clinton lending his support after a discussion with president obama. he says he doesn't think democrats can get a better deal, period. but tonight, some of those democrats are trying mighty hard as a group of senators proposes their own alternative to the white house compromise. wendell goler is on fox's top story live at the white house today. what do we know about that? >> shep, louisiana senator mary landru and oregon's senator has gotten half a dozen colleagues to sign a letter asking that tax rates for millionaires go back to where they were in clinton era and the money be used to shore up the social security
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system. now that bernie sanders has stopped talking the senate can take a vote on that but it's unlikely to pass. republicans say those upper level income tax rates affect small businesses, raising them, they say, would affect job creation. the white house believes president obama's deal is the best he could get with them. and president clinton today seconded that. shep? >> shepard: you know, wendell, some other democrats are asking the president to do more to step in and address their concerns. >> members of the congressional black caucus, most of whom don't like the tax cut compromise want the president to come up to capitol hill and resolve the impasse. the white house doesn't rule that out happening next week. but officials say it's unlikely to change the basic framework of the deal. still, the delegate from the virgin islands says that they're just delaying dealing with the problem. >> when the 2012 election rolls around and the tax cuts are about to expire if we don't extend them again, we the
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democrats will be accused of raising taxes. gotcha. >> president obama says the upper level income tax rates are the republicans' holy grail, his words. he says within the next two years, trying to make sure they don't last beyond 2012 and to begin the process of reforming the tax code the entire system. shepard? >> shepard: wendell, thanks very much. now back to president clinton. love him or not so much, he has a way, doesn't he? he looked mighty comfortable at the white house podium this afternoon. coming up, how the former president responded when asked whether president obama might become a one term president. that and much more coming up inside "fox report." first, though, an attorney for the wikileaks founder julian assange tells multiple news agencies now that the u.s. government is preparing to indict julian assange on spying charges. we can't confirm whether that's true and assange's lead attorney says he doesn't know anything about that report. that said, he is still locked up in great britain while he fights
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extradition to sweden. investigators there say they want to question him for possible sex crimes. meantime, the cyber army that's apparently operating on assange's behalf may be selecting some new targets. computer users who support wikileaks have been going after certain people and businesses and the security company reports thousands more overnight down loads of the software that people use to launch those on-line attacks. the company reported that could mean the cyber army is preparing to hit a major target like assange's lawyers deny accusations he's had anything to do with these internet attacks. >> this is absolutely untrue and he's simply frustrated that he cannot be outside of prison to actually defend himself against those horrible accusations. >> julian assange's lead attorney says the wikileaks founder was unhappy about the attacks "because he believes in openness and free speech." doug mcelway tracking developments tonight. one of the accused hackers was
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scheduled to appear in court tonight. >> that's right, shep. this is a 16-year-old boy arrested at his home in the hague late wednesday night. authorities won't release his name or details of his court appearance but we know this much. prosecutors in netherlands say that he has acknowledged being involved in the cyber attacks on web sites belonging to visa and mastercard. in addition, authorities confiscated what could prove to be a real road map in this investigation. the teen's computer and storage files. dutch police hope that evidence will reveal what they suspect that he is part of a larger group of wikileaks supporters behind these denial of service attacks. shep? >> doug mcelway, newest member of the fox news family. welcome aboard and good to see you. we're getting a look today at one of the bunkers where wikileaks stores all of its secrets. it's actually a former nuclear shelter in stockholm, basically a building cut into the side of a mountain and inside, rows and rows of computer servers. the director there says only a
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couple of them hold the documents that wikileaks has been releasing. today, more of those secret state department cables emerged. among them, a note that predicts cuba's financial situation would become fatal within two to three years. that cable came months before an announcement that havana would lay off a half million workers. another cable shows washington's concern that military action or considered military action after somali pirates attacked a ship that was carrying tanks and yet a third cable shows growing worries that the country of mozambique was becoming a major hub for drugs fortunate. wikileaks may be getting competition in the leaking business, a former spokesman for a group that says he's planning to launch a rival site with a similar mission. the associated press reports it will be called open leaks and the person running it doesn't care much for julian assange. the former wikileaks staffer quit because he said the decision making process wasn't
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transparent enough. a major investigation in royal security after prince charles was caught up in london's worst riots in years. tonight, a new report about a protester who pushed a stick through an open window and jabbed camilla in the ribs. now, what british police man to do about the demonstration plus elizabeth smart. eight years after a lunatic kidnapped her at knifepoint and raped her for months on end, a jury has a verdict and we'll hear from her and the journalists of fox news tonight on "the fox report." [ j. weissman ] it was 1975.
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>> shepard: the system works from the family of elizabeth smart after a federal jury found her kidnapper guilty of abducting her and raping her nearly every day for nine months. actually that wasn't one of the charges in this particular case because it's federal. but it did the trick. it took a jury just five hours
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to convict brian david mitchell and bring a degree of closure to a case which gripped the nation nearly eight years ago. defense attorneys never disputed that brian david mitchell did what he did. they instead argued that he was insane. therefore couldn't be held responsible for his actions. the jury didn't buy that. last month, elizabeth smart, herself gave a brave and graphic testimony about her horrific ordeal. how brian david mitchell kidnapped her in the middle of the night at knifepoint, took her to a mountain campsite outside of salt lake city, forced her into a marriage and then raped her. she was 14. smart said he raped her every day for nine months. often left her tied between two trees as she put it like an animal. and gave her drugs and alcohol so that she wouldn't resist. she finally got away when somebody saw her with brian david mitchell and called police. and today an absolutely beaming elizabeth smart says she hopes her case can help other victims.
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>> i would like to say thank you to everyone who has put so much work into my case and in helping me. today is a wonderful day and i'm so thrilled to be here. i'm so thrilled with the verdict. but not only that, i am so thrilled to stand before the people of america today and give hope to other victims who have not spoken out about their -- about what's happened and i hope that not only is this an example that justice can be served in america, but that it is possible to move on after something terrible has happened. and that we can speak out and we will be heard. once again, thank you so much. i am excited to go back to france and complete my mission. thank you to everyone for everyone's prayers and support. >> shepard: elizabeth smart. after the verdict, jurors said her courageous testimony about her ordeal weighed heavily on their decision. alicia acuna live in salt lake city with more now. what did the jurors say about the influence of smart's
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testimony? >> shep, in interviews after the verdict was read, one juror said that elizabeth smart was never far from their minds. another came outside the courthouse and told reporters that on the first of elizabeth smart's three days of testimony, that as they prepared to go home for the day, some were crying. all were silent after hearing the horror she endured. smart is now 23 years old and her time on the stand helped the prosecution convict mitchell. >> the testimony from elizabeth to me was very important because of the actions she spent with the defendant on a day-to-day basis. i thought that was a big part of the decision to find him guilty. >> the jury says that elizabeth smart is a capable and intelligent woman and the foreman said he has sympathy for the smart family. >> shepard: that smart family says they're work very hard to try to put this all behind them.
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>> yes, absolutely. they said today that they will be celebrating tonight and then elizabeth smart goes back to paris for their mission. the whole ordeal and she's glad it's over. >> she came home and i think this is an exceptionally victorious day for us all. >> brian david mitchell's sentencing hearing is scheduled for may of next year. that was chosen to accommodate elizabeth smart's mission for the mormon church here. shep? >> shepard: alicia acuna alive in salt lake city. thank you. officials in great britain are demanding answers today after an angry mob attacked the prince and his wife. prince charles, wife camilla as they drove through central london. some calling it the worst royal security breach in the past
7:18 pm
decade. happened yesterday during a mass student protest over rising tuition fees. would you like at that picture? the future king of england and the duchess of cornwall apparently easy to spot in that oversized 1977 rolls royce with those enormous clear windows. here, watch what happened. >> duchess of cornwall is being attacked. put the window up! put the window up! >> oh. >> off with their heads! >> we're told the crowd surrounded the royal couple pounding the car with bottles, smashing a side window, pelting them with paint balls. the london evening standard newspaper reports that a protester managed to push a stick through a then open window and jab camilla in the ribs. we're told the couple is doing fine today. officials promising to hold the attackers accountable. whole thing apparently shocked many britons and may have overshadowed widespread anger
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over plans to raise tuition at the universities. they passed it that will double costs for most students. if police catch you without any registration for your car, you usually get a ticket and hefty fine. why doesn't the f.a.a. do the same thing with planes? and wait until you hear how many are unregistered. a live report coming next. plus the mysteries are multiplying in the death of an up and coming fashion designer. her body found in a bathtub at a swanky manhattan hotel room. details ahead.
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>> shepard: well, we got a doozy from the federal aviation administration today. telling us there are 375,000 private and commercial planes in the united states and unfortunately, it now appears the agency has no idea who owns
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lots of them. more than 100,000 of them. and as a result, the f.a.a. wants every plane owner to register again. according to the f.a.a., about 1/3 of all those planes have questionable registration, invalid paperwork, unreported sales, that sort of thing. and the fear, they tell us, is that terrorists or drug smugglers could exploit that gap. today on studio b, we spoke with the former f.a.a. official about the timing of all of this. >> this has been an idea that's been around since 9/11 about how do we get good information about who owns aircraft? and the f.a.a. has been working on this rule for at least the last three years. so it really isn't anything new in the aviation world but i think it's finally -- finally filtering down to pilots. >> but airlines, the banks and the leasing companies are already lining up with complaints. our senior correspondent rick leventhal is live now at what i think is the largest private airport in much of the country. new jersey's teterboro across the river from new jersey. what are the plane owners
7:24 pm
telling you? >> well, shep, we've heard some concerns about the hassles involved and dealing with all this paperwork. especially by companies that lease planes to third parties and say they might have to hire lawyers or extra staff but the cost of registering a single plane with the f.a.a. hasn't gone up in nearly 40 years. it's still just $5 a plane. and the aircraft owners and pilots association supports the new legislation suggesting that data base really is in need of updating and the situation may not be as bad as it seems. >> in most cases, the aircraft is probably right where the f.a.a. last heard it was. they just don't know that for a fact. >> we hear it will take three years to register all the planes and cost the government $30 million, shep? >> shepard: oh, well. nearly 10 years after the attacks of 9/11, how can it be that the f.a.a. is now getting around to this? >> well, we've heard that same question asked by a lot of security experts today. they can't believe this. they say they're shocked at the
7:25 pm
news that this is basic information that should have been compiled in the weeks and months after 9/11. after all, we register our cars and boats and motorcycles every year. all a police officer needs to do is look at the license plate and know who owns that vehicle. the same thing, they say, should be true for aircraft. you read the tail number. you know who it belongs to especially considering that planes have been and most likely will continue to be a top target for terrorists. shep? >> shepard: rick leventhal live at new jersey's teterboro airport across from new york city. thanks. there's new information on the death of a well known swimsuit designer. hotel staffers found the half naked body of 33-year-old sylvie cachay, i believe, that was yesterday. and an overflowing bathtub at the exclusive soho house in lower manhattan. it's a members only hotel and club with celebrity clients. once featured in "sex and the city" and on and on. her family reportedly says she always took showers. never baths ever. that she had just broken up with her boyfriend the day before and
7:26 pm
they're convinced somebody murdered her. police are now questioning that boyfriend. he's the son of an academy winning award songwriter. no arrests. initial autopsy results are reportedly inconclusive. a familiar face back at the white house. >> after the 1994, election i said the american people in their infinite wisdom put us both in the same boat so we're going to either row or sink and i want us to row. >> shepard: president clinton on what can be done to unite a divided congress and get the country back on track. and you know about the angels and the shepherds and the three wisemen, right? did you ever hear about the clumsy camel? that's next. hey, guys. printer's out of ink.
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>> shepard: reindeer. this is a busy time of year for them and apparently, one of them didn't feel like working. as you can see here, it made a run for it. this happened in santa maria, california. the reindeer escaped a christmas tree lot, roamed around for a couple of hours. folks there say a rancher who happened to be in the area lassoed that reindeer and then, as is the custom, he tied it to a lamppost. and a christmas pageant rehearsal in florida went all wrong when a camel fell into the audience. camel apparently tried to kneel and then pulled back on its reins and toppled under the crowd along with its rider. it happened last night at the first baptist church in west
7:31 pm
palm beach. we're told everybody made it out just fine. nobody hurt but the camel is out of the pageant. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. president clinton back in a familiar setting. as he met with president obama at the white house today. the former president throwing his support behind the tax cut deal the current president made with republican lawmakers. he says he rejects the notion that the president let down his party and might become a one term president. >> the united states has suffered a severe financial collapse. these things take longer to get over than normal recessions. i personally believe this is a good deal and the best he could have gotten under the circumstances. i disagree. >> shepard: the former president seemed to settle in right away as he spoke to the reporters.
7:32 pm
so much so that the current president left him there to go to a holiday party. >> i've been keeping the first lady waiting for about half-hour. so i'm going to take off. but -- >> i don't want to make her mad. please go. >> you're in good hands. >> shepard: when he was alone with the reporters, president clinton said he'd enjoyed his time governing very much. but that he also appreciates serving as a mere advisor. >> i'm happy to be here when the bullets that are fired are unlikely to hit me unless they're just ricochetting. >> shepard: jokes aside, today's meeting comes at a crucial time in the obama presidency and in our nation as republicans are poised to gain power in congress and much like president clinton had to do during his first term, president obama appears to be reaching out to the other side. peter barnes from the fox business network live in d.c. tonight. the president addressed some of the problems the democrats are
7:33 pm
facing. >> that's right, former president clinton's well known empathy was on display today, this time for members of congress. >> a lot of them are hurting now and i get it, and you know, i did 133 events for them. i believe that congress in the last two years did a far better job than the american people thought they did or american people voted in the midterms. >> now, 42 appeared to try to nudge democrats to 44's new deal with republicans arguing that one benefit of divided government, shep, is that voters no longer see principled compromise as weakness. >> shepard: what sort of lessons might president obama take from the clinton presidency? there's a lot of them out there. >> the former president told reporters today that after the 1994 election, the american people had put both parties in the same boat, they were either going to row or sink and that he wanted them to row.
7:34 pm
>> the story line is how well we work with the republicans and all that. but, you know, we played political for a year and had two government shutdowns many we can't afford that now. >> no word if former president clinton stopped by that holiday party that president obama left him in the pressroom for. shep? >> shepard: the days of the surplus. thanks very much. good to see you. as lawmakers talk taxes, one fact looms over everything on capitol hill. the government has an enormous budget deficit and we learned today it's getting worse. the treasury department reports the difference between what the government spends and what it takes in was $150.4 billion in the month of november. that's up from $120 billion the same month last year and in fact, it's the largest november deficit ever. you can see there hasn't been a monthly surplus since 2008. well, the teenage boy who reportedly admits he cut off the heads of four people at the
7:35 pm
direction of mexico's drug gangs is an american citizen. u.s. officials confirmed today the 14-year-old boy and suspected hitman was born right here in san diego, california and they've nicknamed him the cloaked one. the child reportedly told reporters that he decapitated four people and he claims cartel leaders drugged him and forced him to become a killer. casy siegel with the news live in the west coast newsroom this afternoon. how will this boy's status as a u.s. citizen affect what happens now, if at all? >> shep, the u.s. consulate tells us he'll be treated like any other u.s. citizen, arrested abroad. meaning his welfare will be monitored by american authorities and he will be given information on how to obtain a lawyer. mexican law only allows him to serve a maximum of, get this, three years behind bars if convicted despite being accused of some very heinous crimes. shep?
7:36 pm
>> shepard: that's a striking number. and you know, we got huge news out of mexico today in the war against the drug cartel. they're telling us that they gunned down one of the most powerful drug lords mexico has ever known. a top leader in the group la familial. they called him the craziest one who reportedly used religion to justify violence and drug trafficking. what else do we know about this man? >> well, he apparently carried a bible filled with his own sayings. he advised the men working for him not to indulge in the narcotics they were selling. and security forces shot and killed him after a gun battle that lasted two days in western mexico this week. his cartel is one of the country's largest producers of methamphetamine and also gains notoriety back in 2006 when it tossed several heads on to a mexican nightclub dance floor. very disturbing, shep. >> shepard: casy siegel live in los angeles. thanks. president obama will put his holiday vacation in hawaii on hold unless lawmakers ratify a
7:37 pm
new nuclear arms treaty with russia. the new start treaty so reports the white house press secretary robert gibbs who says congress will not leave before the so-called start treaty is done. the president has said he wants to pass it by the end of this year, period. but some key republicans have been trying to delay a vote saying they want more time to address problems with the treaty. but today, the white house got expressions of support from two republicans. maine senators olympia snow and e and susan collins and south korea's president making the surprise declaration that reunification with the secretive north is drawing near. the statement comes at a time of heightened tensions and cross border artillery attacks. remember, north korean shells killed four south koreans late last month. the south has promised harsh retributions should the communist regime attack again. thar the sticky issue of the north korean dictator who rules the country with an iron fist but south korea's president says people in the north are becoming
7:38 pm
increasingly aware that they could be better off if the nations reunited. the last time we saw 12-year-old brittany smith, she was on surveillance video walking with her mom's boyfriend and fears were high. for a week, investigators have been searching for both of them and her family has been pleading for her safe return and minutes ago, we got big news. brand new developments just ahead. ♪ oh, my gosh!
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called the humana walmart-preferr prescription plan. it's a new plan that covers both brand and generiprescriptions and has the lowest-priced national premium in the country of only $14.80 per month and in-store copays as low as $2. when you could save over $450 a year, you can focus on the things that really matter. ♪ go to for details. >> shepard: it's been a horrible week and fears have been very high but just into the newsroom, word that police have found a 12-year-old girl alive and just fine. a week after her family reported her missing under circumstances that looked dire. obviously, very happy news and the kind of story that rarely ends this way. here's the story. cops say they found brittany may smith earlier today and they've arrested the man accused of abducting her. seen here on the left. his name is jeffrey scott easley. he was the boyfriend of brittany's mother.
7:42 pm
cops found her dead on monday. investigators say before today, easley and the girl were last seen in a wal-mart. see the pictures here? apparently buying some camping supplies. monthly wri henneberg with breaking news tonight. molly, cops have scheduled a news conference 20 minutes or so from now. what are we expecting to hear? >> certainly the headline will be that 12-year-old brittany was found alive and unharmed late this afternoon and likely some details on where 32-year-old jeffrey scott easley had taken her over the past week. roanoke, virginia, police said they had over 700 tips come in on this case. they released this wal-mart video of easley and brittany last friday. that's the same day that police say brittany's mother tina smith was murdered. they believe she was murdered on friday but her body wasn't found until three days later in her home after she didn't show up for work. >> easley is a suspect in the death of brittany's mother or no? >> police have said they'd like to talk to easley about the murder of his girlfriend.
7:43 pm
he lived with tina smith. but police have gone to great lengths not to call him a suspect in the murder. here's the roanoke police chief earlier today. >> let's concentrate on brittany and get her back and then we'll -- we will pursue the homicide. i think the most important thing is that child. >> certainly, shep, you get at least a clue that may change with the press conference tonight. >> shepard: that's a clue all right. molly henneberg in washington. updates throughout the night. checked into george washington university hospital this morning for what his spokesman calls a minor surgical procedure to deal with a kidney stone. secretary geitner has canceled scheduled appearances on the sunday talk shows to talk about the tax cut deal with republicans. his spokesman says the treasury secretary hopes to return to work on monday. and that was not the only health scare today involving a top obama official. richard holbrooke reportedly in the hospital after he collapsed this afternoon at the state
7:44 pm
department during a meeting with the secretary of state hillary clinton. he's the special envoy for pakistan and afghanistan. there are reports he suffered a blood clot and is in intensive care. however, we cannot confirm that just yet tonight but we will have updates as they come in. the nobel peace prize committee today awarded this year's medal to a chinese activist who has pushed for more political freedom in china. but because he's currently in a chinese prison, an empty chair sat on the nobel stage. he was the first, this was the first time in 74 years that someone who won the award was not there to accept it. china had boycotted the ceremony calling the winner nothing more than a criminal. they blocked tv and internet coverage of this event. china, you remember. but supporters of the winner say that china's plan has backfired in a big way and they claim that the jailed activist is more famous now than ever before. news bytes now. reuters reports apple is getting
7:45 pm
ready to drop a new ipad early next year, we're told some models will be half the size of the current ipad and will include both front and back facing cameras, the report cites sources close to suppliers for the new devices. word of a new playstation phone that has the tech blogs buzzing tonight. according to leaked pictures, it's due in february and will half portable gaming console and half smart phone. no word of any of this from sony erickson. porn sites are reportedly closer to getting dot triple x at the end of their web addresses. the internet corporation for assigned names and numbers or icons voting to deal with an american company that wants to sell domain names ending in dot-xxx. although the new suffix reportedly has other hurdles to clear. just moments ago, a judge handed down a critical ruling in the alaska senate race. what this means for the tea party's joe miller's challenge to lisa murkowski's write in
7:46 pm
victory. that's straight ahead. waves 30 to 40 feet high rocking a cruise ship near antarctica. they are on solid ground. boy do they have something to say. let's go to the fox weather center. it's extreme tonight. a look at what's in store for the weekend. it looks cold. >> oh, yeah. very cold, and a lot of snow and a lot of wind. that's definitely not good news. only good news is that if you bought a coat in the past couple of days or weeks, you're going to need it from the midwest and the northeast coming up to about the weekend and even into early next week so that's good for you guys. otherwise, a lot of snow producing very dangerous travel already on the way across north dakota and that's going to continue moving on eastward and also an area of freezing rain or wintery mix across southern minnesota so definitely watch out for some ice accumulation across the roadways. that's going to be another problem. otherwise, an additional foot of snow is expected here and especially those areas in orange
7:47 pm
where we're ready for blizzard conditions saturday, saturday night and into sunday before the storm continues to move on eastward and out of the region. so it's going to be cold, windy and a lot of blowing and drifting as that storm continues to move eastward. further south, we're also going to see some rain. and basically, it's going to be a pretty cold weekend. back after this. [ sneezes ] client's here. whoa! that achy cold needs alka-seltzer plus! it rushes multiple cold fighters, plus a powerful pain reliever, wherever you need it! [ both ] ♪ oh what a relief it is!
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>> this has happened in the last few minutes. late on a friday. a judge has ruled against the republican joe miller in his fight to stay alive in the alaska senate battle. more than a month after the midterms, that race is still undecided. the unofficial results show that the tea party favorite lost to the incumbent senator lisa murkowski. remember, she ran as a write-in candidate after joe miller beat
7:51 pm
her in the primary. miller wants the state to be a lot more strict about the way it counts the write-in votes. the judge said the latest decision will not take effect until tuesday of next week to give joe miller time to appeal. a call to tackle crime in the city of seattle. the president of the urban league there says that he wants to keep his city safe and asking town officials to install additional street surveillance cameras to help catch the criminals but as you might imagine, not everybody thinks that's a good idea at all. members of the aclu report they oppose the place monitoring crime cameras calling them an invasion of privacy. dan springer live in seattle this afternoon. dan? >> hey, shep. what's most surprising about this push of surveillance cameras in seattle is who is doing the pushing. urban league has been a major critic of the seattle police department for a long time and they're willing to give the cops a whole lot more power. area where the cameras will go is said to be the mo dangerous in seattle, gangs, drugs,
7:52 pm
shootings, robberies, take your pick. recently a 12-year-old boy was shot at a bus stop by a 10-year-old boy. the urban league said there's an anti-sniching code in effect that's crippling police as they try to catch the thugs and stop the violence. cameras would move the crime to another area and there's the invagus of privacy issue. american civil liberties union says cameras have a chilling effect on free speech. while the courts have largely disagreed with the aclu, a lot of folks don't like the idea of government monitoring them. >> people are desperately concerned about government's reach but in these days of massive budget cuts, i think people are feeling almost the opposite like government is in some ways ineffectual especially down here. >> given the message that big brother is watching. and more than likely, they probably wouldn't feel too comfortable with hanging out in the area. >> well, the camera topic was too hot for the city leaders to
7:53 pm
handle. they refused our request for an interview but one clue, shep, they did just take out cameras at a city park where they had installed them two years ago. and put them in storage. shepard? >> shepard: dan springer live in seattle. thanks. two days after a massive wave stranded their cruise ship in some of the roughest seas on earth, 165 people are back on dry land but still a little wobbly. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. the 290 foot ship limping back into port after a particularly memorable antarctic cruise. the 30 foot wave broke a starboard bridge window on tuesday knocking out the ship's power as it sailed through the notoriously choppy drake passage. some passengers seemed anything but bothered. >> it was pretty exciting! >> shepard: the ship's operators report only one minor injury to a crew member. throw an anti-government demonstrators facing off in the
7:54 pm
streets of havana. leading the opposition protesters, the ladies in white. wives and mothers of 75 dissidents sentenced to lengthy prison terms. the women held their march on the eve of international human rights day. australia. no relief in sight for residents in the eastern part of the nation. deadly, drenching rains expected to continue through the weekend. the attorney general declaring 45 communities disaster areas. there are reports of at least four deaths. united kingdom. police looking for the vandals who chopped down the glasstenbury holy thorn tree. that tree said to have links to the earliest days of christianity in england. the day before the vandals struck, a sprig had been taken from the tree to give to the queen for her christmas table. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> latest stories here and abroad at log on to the site.
7:55 pm
plus a once abandoned baby see otter taking a nap on one of its rescuer's boots. video of the los angeles aquarium's newest addition. and o'reilly in a few minutes, too. or somebody filling in for him.
7:56 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] print from any mobile vice so your ideas can be there even when you're not. introducing the new web-connected printers with eprint from hp. but i knew that i was going to need a day job. we actually have a lot of scientists that play music. the creativity, the innovation, there's definitely a tie there. one thing our scientists are working on is carbon capture and storage, which could prevent co2 from entering the atmosphere. we've just built a new plant to demonstrate how we can safely freeze out the co2 from natural gas. it looks like snow. it's one way that we're helping provide energy with fewer emissions.
7:58 pm
>> shepard: critters now and a pair of animal rescues to tell you about out in california. first one at the marine mammal center or outside san francisco, would you look at that? workers there releasing three young sea lions back into the sea after nursing them back to health. we're told they suffered a variety of problems ranging from infections to injured flippers. and down the coast, the l.a. aquarium showing off its newest baby sea otter. don't eat your fingernails. we're told rescuers found it stranded a few months ago in a beach in santa cruz looking malnourished and since then, they have been feepgd the pups several times a day trying to
7:59 pm
get the weight up. the aquarium officials say the otters spend a lot of time swimming, rolling around in ice chips and, well, chewing the workers' boots. updating some of fox's top stories tonight. former president clinton today making a surprise visit at the white house briefing room alongside president obama. president clinton calling the administration's tax cut compromise the best bipartisan deal possible. and a jury today convicted the man who kidnapped elizabeth smart eight years ago. elizabeth smart said she was thrilled with the outcome and that she hopes her ordeal will help other victims in similar situations. and on this day back in 1973, a little place called cbgb's first opened here in tiny town, u.s.a., a bar that would help change the face of music forever. it opened on the bowry, a kind of scuzzy part of the lower east side then that was famous for the drug dealers and derelicts. i lived there, too. despe


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